Thailand's Number One eSIM provider
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5G - 10 DAY

Stay connected effortlessly with our UNLIMITED 5G - 10DAY eSIM, offering high-speed 5G data for travelers in need of a reliable and fast connection. Ideal for short-term use, this extendable eSIM ensures you're always online during your travels.



Thailand's Number One eSIM provider

Welcome to our platform, a premier provider of ESIM cards tailored specifically for Thailand. Our expertise lies in offering seamless access to a range of eSIMs through our collaborations with multiple leading telecom providers, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective solutions for your connectivity needs.

Understanding the importance of convenience and security, especially for travelers, we integrate advanced payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. These methods not only streamline the transaction process but also circumvent the need for an active phone number, which can be a challenge when traveling.

It's noteworthy that in Thailand, online payment systems are mandated to incorporate 3D secure authentication or its equivalent. This requirement can make traditional payment methods cumbersome, particularly for travelers without a local phone number. Our adoption of Google Pay and Apple Pay addresses this issue, providing you with a hassle-free and secure payment experience as you purchase your eSIM from us.

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